Please change "Proceed to Place My Order" to REVIEW MY ORDER Completed
25 votes 25 comments
FOREVER- Tree-view Organizer
21 votes 7 comments
Enable Selection of Multiple Items/shapes in A6 to "Convert to photo drop point."
20 votes 2 comments
Move Notification Bell to Main Page Completed
19 votes 3 comments
Scrolling through Orders
19 votes 6 comments
Wish List for Digital Art
19 votes 5 comments
List of Unused Gift Certificates in Forever Account
18 votes 1 comment
Search Order List
15 votes 6 comments
Add "Date Due" (90-day expiration) to FOREVER Box Status Report in Back Office
15 votes 5 comments
"Continue Shopping" button from Cart
14 votes 3 comments
Nested Ablums With different permission from parent
13 votes 4 comments
Board Books
12 votes 3 comments
Sharing a photobook prior to ordering
12 votes 2 comments
file sizes for albums and nested albums
12 votes 8 comments
Ability to Filter Two Or More Ablums or Tags
12 votes 6 comments
Ability to duplicate albums in the same account
12 votes 9 comments
Option for photos in PRIVATE albums to NOT show in the library
11 votes 9 comments
Adding "HEIC conversion to JPG" to VALET
11 votes 0 comments
"Undo" Button in FOREVER
11 votes 0 comments
Add "SIGN UP" to the "LOG IN" link on the Home landing page
11 votes 3 comments
Recurring Payments -- Active plans first in list
11 votes 1 comment
Delete Non-Active Clients
11 votes 4 comments
11 votes 5 comments
Ability to search when using Add to Album
10 votes 2 comments
Filter Enhancements
10 votes 1 comment
Organize Visited Albums into folders
10 votes 1 comment
Spiral Recipe Book
9 votes 1 comment
Photo Print Ordering Process Made Easier
9 votes 2 comments
Pre addressed Postcards
9 votes 1 comment
Collaborative Photo Books
9 votes 1 comment