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A6- Tags & Categories -String Search



  • Carol Schmidgall

    Yes. I agree

  • DeDe Connors

    Tabitha - what version are you on?  I'm on I'm in the Content Panel=>clicked Library & the Paper tab.  Then I click on one of the items I want to tab and start typing the tag...and nothing shows up.  I have to either type in the tag I want or scroll down to find the tag.  Separately, are you in a different location?  Thanks. 

  • Tabitha O'Connor

    I deleted my comment--- I'm wrong. I was thinking about Tags in FOREVER

  • Julie Kleint

    I agree with this.  This would be an awesome feature to have.

  • Dawn Brozovich

    Agreed!  I have wished for this in my mind so many times.  I came to this post looking for something else, but the ability to type a search for tags would be fantastic.

  • Teala Sparks

    I agree!  It would be awesome if options with that spelling(s) would populate as we are typing.  Scrolling DOES take a long time for us taggers!


  • Wanda Longworth

    I completely agree. There was a group of us ladies cropping and participating the Over the Rainbow crop this weekend and we all felt the same. I have a very detailed tagging list and it would be so much quicker to have the tags populate as soon as you start typing the word!!!

  • Lynn Riddell

    I would also love to see this feature.  I think we are all thinking of the same function but in other apps as you start typing a word then the ones that you've already set up pop to the top.  So if you are searching for Rainbow as you type Rain...then the full word would come to the top and you can select it.  Tagging is so time consuming and this would help greatly to eliminate duplicate takes or different spellings.


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