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Photo Print Ordering Process Made Easier



  • Cheryl Freye

    Right now ordering prints is definitely a cumbersome process.  With other vendors discontinuing printing photos and FOREVER's superior quality I have more clients wanting to print from FOREVER but the process is definitely not user friendly right now.  

  • Wendy Gordon

    It would be great if we could have a tab like "projects" that is for "photo prints" where we can see what we have ordered or are in the process of ordering. This is where we should also be able to edit the print(s) and preview. Clients don't realize that you can edit the print area (depending on size ordered) once it's in the cart. It's very confusing. Also - please add the ability to print photos in OTHER sizes - like old photos with borders that are square or are narrow rectangles, panoramic photos, etc. I had to send a client to Shutterfly to print a panoramic photo as a gift. Thanks!

  • Mindy Catlett

    I agree the ordering photo prints process is cumbersome and confusing. We need to be able  to add a variety of sizes to the order without having to create a whole new order. We need to be able to edit our photo in the frame as the aspect ration between sizes keep from having heads cut off. I would also like to be able to order prints of additional sizes like 8x8, 10x10, 12x12. Basically adding page prints as on option of ordering prints so we can do it from our FOREVER Storage account and not have to go through Artisan. So we can order one page out of a book project for example.


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