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Delete Non-Active Clients



  • Wendy Gordon

    I agree. I have  A LOT of clients who signed up ONLY to add photos to a collaborative album that was created for a specific event (wedding, graduation, etc.). Many of these are young college kids who are not going to use their account. I would love to have a sorting feature that allows me to organize client lists into active/inactive and to delete. 

    I would also like to be able to SEARCH for a client in the dashboard rather than having to scroll down through the entire list. 

  • Laura Alford

    yes! yes! Ditto


  • Brenda Esdohr

    I don’t want to delete them - but I would like an inactive option.

  • Dawn Brozovich

    OH!  The inactive option is a good idea.  Something that we could mark in our client list.


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