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  • Carmen Cox Ledford

    I would atleast like something square that easy to hang!

  • Kris Walz

    Yes,  I used to love attaching the OLD table top panel directly to the wall w/ velcro.  Sits so much flatter & looks nicer than our metal panels.  But with the NEW table top panel you can't.   I'd LOVE to have an option for hanging something nicer like that. 

  • Donna Massoud

    Yes!  I have a lot of MixTiles in my house and would love to be able to order something similar from FOREVER.  

  • Rachel Huppenthal

    Mix tiles would be great!

  • Ann Gulledge

    I wonder if it would be easy to just make the "kick stand" on the back of the table top panel an option that one could choose, or not?  It would be nice if you could just order the table top panel without it if you were planning to hang it on the wall.


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